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NCG Team - Who We Are?

We’re a small team focusing on a new concept called "auto-code".

We are mainly different than other no-code & low-code companies by generating and syncing full source code. We have corporate clients with thousands of tables, who prefer head start by creating all the related UI, API and the architecture in a single batch.

As a young and fresh company, our energy is mainly focused on completing the product maturity lifecycle. Our website and social presence have a lot to improve indeed. We are aware and working hard to catch up.

There are massive updates in both docs and product features every day. Please check back frequently and we’d love to hear your feedback!

We know about various other Boilerplate Starter products in the market, and they do a great job kickstarting a product from scratch.

However, we position ourselves mainly in the corporate area, where integration is a hassle and there might be need for multiple-thousand-table transformations, where generating batch UIs and APIs at the same time is a must.

At such times, when you’re developing your product, you are also required to fuse your solution with large scale components like distributed cache and queue mechanisms for the near future. That's where Net Core Genesis comes into play, to eliminate wasted hours of architectural controversies.

There's roadmap for us to be open sourcing most of our codebase, but we still need some time build a customer ecosystem to keep the engine up&running!